In our modern world we bemoan the loss of connection with nature. We rarely find delight in the artifice of manmade products. Our desire is to enhance the intrinsic beauty of wood. We’re moved by its uneven grain, its knots, and dimensions. This appreciation drives our desire to offer up only the best and most beautiful wood floors.


Who We Are

A family business, our roots are three generations deep in the flooring industry. We come from Canada where more than 50% of the country is covered by forests. That’s a big palette and a lot of inspiration.

Fuse Flooring was founded in 1994 and we’ve been gaining more valuable experience ever since. This experience is evidenced in our thoughtfully designed Flyt and Play collections and our carefully curated offerings, picked from the finest wood flooring collections offered worldwide. We have German floors for their uncompromising quality, Italian hand-finished floors that are a result of centuries of tradition in woodworking, and Spanish floors that embrace time and age as a design element.

What We Do

As curators of wood floors, our goal is create a comprehensive collection of wood floors to offer to you. With the technical understanding firmly under our belts, we can focus on providing a wood collection that covers all styles of design, from classic to contemporary and even future trends. Hunting down new floors is our hobby.


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