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Flyt Herringbone

In the picture: Perch

a bridge between classic and contemporary style


Subtle colour variation brings life to the herringbone pattern. Named after fish who’s scales inspired the pattern’s name, the collection features five colours for traditional and contemporary spaces. Can be installed as a floated floor.

sustainably sourced, made in Austria

Wood is fully certified from seed to plank, and made entirely in Austria

hard & durable

Tough Bona Naturale lacquer finish with the highest abrasion resistance. Can be refinished without sanding.

herringbone you can float

A proprietary connection system let's you float the pattern over your sub-floor.

environmental certifications

Real Wood

Created by the european federation of the parquet industry, the real wood certification guarantees the product is made entirely of wood and does not contain composite wood or plywood..

Real Wood

The carb 2 standard is a limitation on formaldehyde emissions. created by the california air resources board (carb), their mandates are considered strict and the standard across the industry.