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Flyt Wide

In the picture: Coto

natural tones on large boards in a clear grade

wide plank

The Flyt Wide collection is distinguished by natural tones and large sized planks. Like the mountains they’re named after, each colour has its own distinct style and charm, elevated by their scale. Using only full sized boards with subtle colour variation, these products have a calm, unified look.

All products in this collection are sustainably harvested and produced, and certified.

Available in 10 colours.

sustainably sourced, made in Austria

Wood is fully certified from seed to plank and entirely made in Austria.

hard & durable

Tough Bona Naturale lacquer finish with the highest abrasion resistance. Can be refinished without sanding.

large size

All boards are full length, no shorts.

environmental certifications

Real Wood

Created by the european federation of the parquet industry, the real wood certification guarantees the product is made entirely of wood and does not contain composite wood or plywood..

Real Wood

The carb 2 standard is a limitation on formaldehyde emissions. created by the california air resources board (carb), their mandates are considered strict and the standard across the industry.